Wood Floors vs Laminate

There are a few important differences that you should understand about wood floors vs laminate floors, especially if you are attempting to plan your next major household renovation.

Making decisions like this can be challenging, especially if you are not completely informed on the pros and cons of each option. The good news is that this comparison guide is going to provide you with several opportunities to compare the positives and negatives of wooden flooring and laminate flooring. 

Laminate flooring is very popular for medium-sized family homes that have children or pets running around. The durable design of laminate flooring appears luxurious, while also having durable characteristics. Hardwood flooring is more expensive and doesn’t always have long-lasting durability for handling household pets and children.

Both flooring choices may be appropriate under certain circumstances. By understanding the costs and values that each option offers to you, it may be easier to compare and make your final renovation decision. 

Flooring Comparison

If you are comparing laminate flooring with hardwood flooring options, there are probably a few factors that you are taking into consideration. The appearance, durability, and overall costs should all be factored into your equation before finalizing any decision.

In the next section, we’ll take a look at each of these factors and try to identify which option may be best depending on certain circumstances. 


If durability is one of the top concerns when attempting to make your best flooring decision, you should probably understand that hardwood flooring is naturally more durable and can last for decades.  

Hardwood flooring may not be ideal if you have younger children or pets in your household due to the chance of accidental damage. Laminate flooring is usually less luxurious and much less durable, oftentimes lasting for less than a decade.

Laminate flooring is much better for households that include children and pets because it is less costly and is much more affordable. Both options are fairly viable in terms of durability, but certain factors may impact your final decision. 

Laminate is easier to clean than hardwood floors. You can mop laminate, wipe it, and use a multitude of products. However, with hardwood floors, you cannot use most products and even water can be damaging. You should only use natural cleaners on hardwood such as vinegar, which will evaporate.

Overall Cost

If you are looking for the most affordable flooring selection, then there’s almost no doubt that laminate flooring will be much more affordable than hardwood flooring installation. 

Solid hardwood floors cost much more because they last longer and have a higher-quality appearance in many cases. I’ve seen hundred-year-old houses with original hardwood floors that would blow you away.

If you’re looking for the best cost-effective selection, then your ideal choice will probably be laminate flooring. A luxurious renovation without concern for your budget, or outside factors like kids and pets, would likely lead you down the path of solid hardwood flooring. 


Most people agree that natural hardwood flooring has a higher-quality appearance than laminate flooring. At the same time, laminate flooring has a lot of positive factors. Laminate flooring still looks pretty great and has several characteristics that make it an ideal choice for a large number of households.

At the same time, natural hardwood flooring has a gorgeous and reliable style that doesn’t ever seem to be out of place in a modern household. Your taste will likely have the final word but there’s no doubt that solid hardwood flooring has a slightly higher quality appearance than laminate flooring choices. Refinishing hardwoods can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing because of the different chemicals that are used in the process. Source.

Wood vs laminate floors – Example video.

Wood Floors vs Laminate Chart

Here’s an in-depth comparison chart of some of the most significant differences between hardwood floors and laminate floors. It’s important to understand these comparative factors, especially if you are struggling to figure out which flooring selection is ideal for your household.  

Wood FloorsLaminate Floors
Hardwood flooring is usually slightly more expensive than laminate flooring due to its luxurious appearance and decades-long durability. Laminate flooring selections can be cheaper than hardwood flooring, although durability is not as lengthy as wooden flooring.
Wooden flooring has exceptional durability that can last for multiple decades.Laminate flooring is less durable and is generally expected to last for up to 15 years. 
If your household includes pets or children, hardwood flooring may not be the best choice due to the risk of accidental damage. Laminate flooring options can be ideal if your household includes pets or children. It’s much cheaper to repair laminate flooring than wood flooring.
Natural materials are used for wooden flooring. This means that no synthetic materials are used, but it does increase the chance of scratching.Laminate floors do use synthetic materials but don’t visually deteriorate from scratches as easily as solid wooden flooring.

This comparison chart helps evaluate several of the similarities and differences between hardwood floors and laminate floors. You should be able to make a well-informed decision when trying to renovate your household’s flooring if you understand these factors.

Related Questions

Are laminate floors water resistant?

Puddles of water or unexpected flooding in a room with laminate floors can cause long-term damage to your floors. While it is cheaper to repair than hardwood floors, water can still damage laminate floors fairly easily. 

Are hardwood floors water resistant?

Hardwood floors are not resistant to water and may be damaged by flooding. It can be expensive to replace or repair damaged hardwood floors that have been exposed to water leaks or other similar issues.