Feather vs Down Pillows

In this comparison, we’ll be taking a closer look at the differences between feather pillows and down pillows. While both types of pillows are similar, there are a few differences in the ways that they are created.

There may also be positives and negatives from using either type of pillow while you sleep. You’ll have an opportunity to learn about the pros and cons of each pillow type within this post as we slowly compare each of their design characteristics. 

Feather vs Down Pillows

Feather pillows are capable of remaining cooler, which can help people who prefer a pillow that doesn’t heat up. Down pillows are designed to trap a lot of heat, which can feel warmer over long periods, during sleep. Both of these pillows may struggle to provide a sufficient amount of head support for some people. 

Down pillows are crafted with slightly better material. Which may be capable of lasting longer than a feather pillow. A lot of people also prefer the softer overall feel that comes from this type of pillow. The nice thing about feather pillows is that they are generally cost-effective and fairly affordable compared to other types of pillows. 

Down Pillows

Down pillows are generally made of clusters of down that come from a duck or goose. They are extremely soft and flexible, but they trap a lot of heat and can provide a warmer feel throughout the night.

Most people believe that these types of pillows are high-end and luxurious. This is true in most cases, especially since the material is of much higher quality and has better durability. In many cases, down pillows can cost twice as much as a feather pillow. 

Feather Pillows

If you’re looking for an affordable pillow that provides similar characteristics as a down pillow, then you’ll likely want to consider using a traditional feather pillow. These types of pillows are generally less expensive, but they don’t have the same level of quality or durability as other types of pillows. 

Feather pillows are known for providing a comfortable soft feeling without trapping too much heat. These types of pillows generally remain much cooler throughout the night as you sleep. While this type of pillow won’t be as soft as down material, it’s still an excellent choice to balance value and comfort. 

Which Type Of Pillow Is More Comfortable?

This largely depends on your personal preference. Some people are overwhelmingly going to suggest that down material is more comfortable when designing a pillow. Others will prefer to stay with a traditional feather pillow. 

Considering that comfort largely depends on someone’s individual preferences, there’s no exact way to answer this question. Both types of pillows can usually be washed in a washing machine, although you should read the label carefully to make sure. Source.

Feather and down pillows are both extremely soft and flexible. Many believe that down pillows are higher quality and slightly more comfortable. Others make the argument that they get too warm at night with down pillows because they heat up much quicker than a feather pillow. 

One thing is for sure, feather pillows are usually much less expensive while still providing a reasonable level of softness and comfort. That doesn’t mean that you should definitely invest in a feather pillow, as down pillows also have several positive benefits. 

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Comparison Chart | Feather Pillow vs Down Pillows

Here’s an in-depth comparison chart of some of the most significant differences between a feather pillow and a down pillow. The design materials of these pillow types can have a large impact on their value, comfort, and overall level of quality. 

Feather PillowsDown Pillows
Feather pillows are known for providing a general level of comfort for a reasonable price. While you won’t experience the luxurious down material in this pillow, you’ll still get a soft and comfortable pillow for your night of sleep. Down pillows are generally known for having a higher level of design quality and comfort. They trap a lot of heat during the night due to their design characteristics, which is not ideal for some people’s personal pillow preferences. 
Feather pillows are usually a little bit less expensive than down pillows.Down pillows are usually a little bit more expensive than feather pillows.
Feather pillows don’t trap as much heat throughout the night.Down pillows trap a lot of heat throughout the night. 
Many people prefer the soft feeling that a feather pillow provides. While not as luxurious as a down pillow, this soft feeling is comfortable for most people. Some individuals may prefer the soft and flexible design of a down pillow. While they are a little more expensive than feather pillows, many people believe it’s worth the extra money.
Feather vs Down Pillows – Chart

Related Questions

Are feather pillows more expensive than down pillows?

Feather pillows are cheaper than down pillows in most cases. This is due to the design quality and overall durability of this type of pillow. Down pillows are typically a little bit more expensive.

Are down pillows softer than feather pillows?

Both down pillows and feather pillows provide a similar level of softness and flexibility. The biggest difference comes from the amount of heat that they trap during the night.