Mahi-Mahi vs Wahoo: (w. Nutrient Values)

mahi mahi fish and wahoo fish

The first time I tried mahi mahi, it literally felt like it just melted in my mouth. The flavors of both of these fish are so out of this world it’s hard to describe! When prepared correctly, of course. Mahi-mahi and wahoo are both large, predatory fish found in tropical and subtropical waters around the … Read more

Tuna Vs Swordfish | Let’s Compare Them

tuna and swordfish together

My first time deep sea fishing I caught an impressive 30-pound redfish, after that, I was ‘hooked. You can imagine what catching a huge tuna or swordfish could do to one’s ego! Tuna vs Swordfish: An In-Depth Comparison Tuna and swordfish are both large, predatory fish that are popular choices for seafood lovers. But how … Read more