Microfiber vs Cotton Sheets

You’re probably interested in learning how microfiber and cotton sheets can impact your sleep. Finding the right bedsheets can have a major positive impact on the amount of time that you comfortably sleep every night. Many people struggle with sleep deprivation because they have bed sheets that are not suitable to their own personal preferences. 

Cotton bed sheets are among the most common types of bed sheets found in households. They are crafted with high-quality fabric that remains breathable and durable for long periods. Microfiber bed sheets are similar in design and are known for being ultra-soft and durable. 

There are some different factors that you are going to want to consider before setting your mind on a specific type of bed sheet. Comfort is usually the most important factor for a large number of people, but sometimes durability and convenience can also be important. 

The best thing about cotton is that it is completely natural. When choosing between the two this may be a deciding factor for some. Microfiber has been known to be toxic in certain situations. Source.

Important Factors When Selecting Bed Sheets

Most people simply want bed sheets that are going to help them sleep at night. Other factors remain important too, especially for people that want long-lasting bed sheets with high-quality design materials.

Microfiber vs Cotton Sheets | Durability

Cotton sheets are known for being comfortable and durable. They can last for two or three years before needing to be replaced.  Microfiber sheets offer a similar level of durability from between two to five years. 

By properly maintaining and washing your bedsheets, you may be able to extend the overall durability, regardless of whether they offer a microfiber design or cotton design.


There’s no doubt that comfort has to play a role when trying to make your selection for a specific type of bed sheet. The soft design of cotton sheets is usually a really popular choice for a significant portion of people. There are instances where people prefer microfiber sheets because of their unique feel.


Cost rarely plays a role when selecting bed sheets, but some people do factor in the overall cost into their decision. If you’re simply looking for the most affordable bedsheets, you’ll probably be able to find cost-effective products that have been crafted from both microfiber and cotton.

There’s such a significant collection of bed sheets available on the market that you’ll almost certainly find bed sheets from both materials within your price range. Just remember that cheaper bed sheets may be less durable or comfortable than some of the higher costing options on the market. 


Bedsheets have to be cleaned often to properly take care of them. Microfiber and cotton sheets should both be cleaned at least once per week according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Microfiber sometimes loses some of its comfortable feel after washing. Cotton sheets generally can be washed fairly easily without too much of a different feel after washing. 

Microfiber vs cotton sheets – Video.

Microfiber Sheets vs Cotton Sheets Chart

If you’re still trying to learn more about microfiber sheets and cotton sheets, feel free to spend some time analyzing the differences and similarities in the comparison chart listed below. Here are four comparative topics that might help you make your decision when comparing these bedsheet materials.

Microfiber SheetsCotton Sheets
Microfiber sheets are designed to be extremely soft and comfortable. Microfiber is a synthetic material that has similar properties to cotton. Cotton sheets are naturally designed from fabric that is crafted to remain durable and comfortable for several years. 
It is extremely simple to clean microfiber sheets. In rare situations, these types of bed sheets may deteriorate after washing. Cotton sheets are machine washable. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions when washing these types of sheets. 
There are many cost-effective selections available when browsing the market for microfiber bed sheets.There are just as many affordable product selections available when searching for cotton bed sheets.
Microfiber sheets can last for up to five years if properly maintained. Cotton bed sheets usually last for around three years. 
Microfiber vs Cotton Sheets – Chart.

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to look at four different comparative factors between microfiber sheets and cotton sheets, it’s probably a good idea to focus on some of the most commonly asked questions from individuals that want to know about these types of bed sheets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are microfiber bed sheets better than cotton bed sheets?

It’s unfair to suggest that either type of bed sheet is ‘better’ than the other. There are certain aspects from each material that might make a certain selection more appealing to an individual. Softness and comfortability are usually important, especially if you struggle to get enough sleep at night. Both microfiber sheets and cotton sheets provide a uniquely soft feel.

Are cotton sheets more durable than microfiber?

Both types of bed sheets are fairly durable. You can expect either type of sheet to last for multiple years, especially if you properly clean and maintain them. Cheaper bed sheets may be vulnerable to more durability issues than more expensive bed sheet brands.