Bluetooth vs WiFi Tethering | Which is Right for You?

There are several benefits to using Bluetooth and WiFi tethering to share your mobile data or internet connection, but it’s important to understand some of the differences that come along with each feature. 

WiFi Tethering and Bluetooth Tethering both use features that allow you to convert your phone signal into an internet network. This is commonly called a ‘hotspot’ in the world of technology and it serves as an on-demand internet network for other devices such as laptops, phones, or computers. 

We’ll continue to look at the similarities and differences between Bluetooth Tethering and WiFi Tethering in the sections below. Both features are extremely popular and can be very helpful when you require an internet connection for your laptop or device. 

What are the Benefits of WiFi Tethering?

WiFi Tethering is one of the most common features that people can take advantage of when using their smartphones. Setting up a mobile hotspot to connect other network-supported devices is extremely simple and can be set up in seconds.

Usually, there’s no limit to how many devices you can connect, although your network speed or bandwidth may suffer from every additional device that is connected. 

There have been some concerns about the security vulnerabilities that might come along with WiFi Tethering, but there are several security settings that can help to protect you from being hacked or invaded by a cyberattacker. 

What are the Benefits of Bluetooth Tethering?

Bluetooth Tethering allows you to wirelessly connect other devices to your smartphone. Bluetooth has some advantages over WiFi Tethering, specifically because wifi can drain your battery more rapidly depending on your configuration settings.

It takes a little bit of time to set up Bluetooth Tethering to get the settings just right. It’s an extremely popular feature that millions of users take advantage of every single day. 

Differences | Bluetooth vs WiFi Tethering

Here are a few of the important similarities and differences between Bluetooth Tethering and WiFi Tethering.  

Bluetooth TetheringWiFi Tethering
Requires custom settings and a slightly lengthier setup process. Simple setup process with a few custom configuration settings.
Supports other network-supported devices, including computers, laptops, mobile devices, and more. Supports other network-supported devices, including computers, laptops, mobile devices, and more. 
Doesn’t drain battery life as rapidly, but doesn’t provide the same level of performance.May drain battery life rapidly, depending on your configuration settings and your phone battery. 
Bluetooth Tethering is not as quick as WiFi Tethering.WiFi Tethering is usually much quicker than Bluetooth Tethering. 
Doesn’t support multiple devices at the same time.Supports multiple devices at once.

Both features have some pros and cons, but it’s important to remember that WiFi Tethering is more likely to provide you with faster connection speeds. Bluetooth Tethering is a feature that may be used rarely, but it can help to prevent rapid loss of your phone’s battery life. 

Both options may be viable, depending on your circumstances. However, WiFi Tethering is much more commonly used and generally considered to be much more convenient.

Most individuals prefer to use WiFi Tethering because it is easier to use than Bluetooth Tethering. It’s important to keep track of your phone’s battery before opting to set up a mobile hotspot, especially if you plan on connecting multiple devices at the same time.

Pros and Cons | Bluetooth vs WiFi Tethering

Here are some of the pros and cons of Bluetooth Tethering. 

Bluetooth Tethering (PROS)Bluetooth Tethering (CONS)
Doesn’t drain a smartphone’s battery life as rapidly as WiFi Tethering.Speeds are usually much slower than WiFi Tethering.
Bluetooth Tethering can support connecting network-supported devices. Bluetooth Tethering signals may not be as reliable as WiFi Tethering. 
Bluetooth Tethering provides a secure encrypted connection.Some mobile networks charge fees for network tethering through Bluetooth. 
Conveniently pairs with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Only one device can be connected at a time through Bluetooth Tethering.

Here are some of the pros and cons of WiFi Tethering. 

WiFi Tethering (PROS)WiFi Tethering (CONS)
Speeds are usually much faster than Bluetooth Tethering.May drain your smartphone’s battery life much more rapidly than Bluetooth Tethering.
WiFi Tethering supports connecting multiple network-supported devices simultaneously. WiFi Tethering is not as secure as Bluetooth Tethering. 
WiFi Tethering generally provides a much more reliable signal than Bluetooth Tethering. Some mobile networks charge fees for network tethering through WiFi. 

Is Bluetooth Tethering Free?

Bluetooth tethering is free in most cases. In some cases, it may break the terms and conditions of the data contract because you are using the device’s internet connection in a way that was not intended. This may or may not result in termination of your contract.

Make sure you read your contract and bring any questions you may have to your data and phone provider. There’s no point in trying to game the system if your actions get your system turned off.

Is Bluetooth Tethering Safe?

Bluetooth tethering could be seen as safer than WiFi. This is because it only connects to one device at a time, and once it connects, the connection is encrypted, making it less likely to get hijacked.

Wifi, on the other hand, has more security flaws and could provide someone the chance to hijack your traffic. It all depends on the level of encryption. There are many ways you can protect yourself on public networks with your settings. Bluetooth is a safe and reliable way to connect to the internet through Bluetooth tethering.

Is it Better to Tether With Bluetooth or Wifi?

Over the years I have used both Bluetooth and WiFi to tether devices. In most cases, it will be better to tether with wifi over Bluetooth. Speed is usually a huge factor when connecting to the internet.

It’s much easier to turn your hotspot on, and have your device automatically connect, with the fast speeds that you are used to. Bluetooth is only slightly slower and has its place in the world, however, if you have Wifi tethering, you are probably going to use it over Bluetooth in most situations.


There are some very clear differences between Bluetooth vs WiFi tethering. It’s widely considered that WiFi Tethering is quicker and more convenient to set up, but Bluetooth Tethering can be useful to share connections to other Bluetooth devices.  In addition, Bluetooth Tethering doesn’t eat up as much battery from your smartphone because it only allows for limited connection speeds and doesn’t support multiple devices being connected at the same time.